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#1 23-10-2014 01:23 pm


Latest Version

Current Version 3.4

V3.4 has the new Express Collect add-on, which saves a lot of time by automatically collecting and dispatching sales, instead of doing it manually through the browser. See the main Express Collect Page for more details.


#2 23-02-2018 07:37 pm


Re: Latest Version

Anti-virus 'false positives'
Occasionally anti-virus software identifies legitimate programs as a threat. This is because it looks for a binary sequence that 'looks like' the threat. Sometimes, this is just coincidence that a legitimate program contains exactly the same binary sequence.

You are welcome to upload and test the installer or program file on virus total here:
You may get the occasional 'false positive' where similar legitimate code is mistaken for a virus, but the major anti-virus programs will agree that it is safe.

When the program is created, a unique number is generated that must match when it runs, if this number is different on your PC, Packing Partner will not run. Occasionally there is a problem matching the number, resulting in a message that Packing Partner is corrupt. If you get this message then click here to reinstall the program. Which should fix any issues.


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