Packing Partner V3

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Current and Recent Issues

20-11-2017 - Amazon not collecting

  • Issue: Amazon sales are failing during collection

  • Status: This is an amazon issue, retrying will eventually collect

26-10-2017 - Seller Hub Not Loading

  • This is an eBay issue, it will need to be fixed by them

01-10-2017 - eBay Not Collecting

  • Issue: Not collecting from eBay new seller hub

  • Fixed: Please see here for details

02-09-2017 - Not Matching Records To PDF

  • Issue: Latest V3.3 beta not matching PDF labels to records

  • Fixed: Latest version has been fixed - download here

21-08-2017 - Amazon not updating

  • Issue: Amazon not updating sales

  • Fixed: Added to the new beta V3.3 - download here

10-07-2017 - Cannot collect from eBay

  • Issue : eBay are testing new Seller Hub pages

  • Fixed: Added to the new beta V3.3 - download here

01-06-2017 - Cannot connect to Translation Service

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