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Current and Recent Issues

10-07-2018 - Not recognising EKM Powershop

21-06-2018 - Recent version not backing up

  • Issue: Recent versions not backing up

  • Fixed: Important, please see details here

03-04-2018 - Not marking despatched on eBay

  • Issue: Marking sales despatched on new eBay seller hub.

  • Status: This has been moved to a new topic here

25-03-2018 - Express Sales Failed to Despatch

  • Issue: Express sales marked despatched on Sunday failed

  • Status: This issue has been fixed on the server, as a one off you just need to mark completed on Packing Partner.

  • To mark completed: On the Express Tab Toolbar, click the Failed button.
    Note: This issue only applies to sales that were marked despatched before 10pm on Sunday 25th

22-03-2018 - Issue marking printed / shipped

15-03-2018 - Issues on eBay

  • Issue: Cannot upload tracking IDs

  • Status: This is an eBay issue, please report to them

28-02-2018 - Click & Drop Time Out

  • Issue: Click and Drop timing out on download

  • Fixed: V3.4 users - download here

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