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Current and Recent Issues

11-03-2019 9:50 eBay closing Packing Partner

28-02-2019 11:00 Amazon not collecting

  • Issue: Problems collecting sales

  • Status: Please see dedicated page here

07-02-2019 10:30 - Collecting sales from eBay

  • Issue: eBay data corrupted and not marking dispatched.

  • Fixed: Download the latest version here

  • Notes:
    1. Please recollect any sales collected today, to replace the corrupted data
    2. To mark completed records as dispatched, use Records>Reprint Selected, then Mark Printed and Shipped.
    3. On the new order details page, eBay do not provide a shipping method for all sales. You can set a default from Tools>Options>Settings>Collect>Default when there is no shipping method

16-01-2019 - Issues with Click & Drop International deliveries

  • Issue: International deliveries require more fields

  • Fixed: Download the latest version here, which requires remapping the import fields in C&D.

  • Info:   More information on C&D imports for International Pre-Advice is here.

25-10-2018 - Status colours not showing on new eBay

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