Packing Partner V3

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Streamline printing and processing of online sales

Packing Partner is the fastest and easiest way to collect, organise, print and pack your orders, from one application.

Compatible with all major online platforms, including Amazon, Channel Advisor, EKM Powershop, eBay, Magento, Firepages, osCommerce and many more.

Process all your orders in one easy to use application

Print invoices, picking lists, packing lists, labels and more with Packing Partner.

Use the powerful layout designer to create unique invoices, labels, or delivery notes, that you control.

Powerful scripting module allows you to have a bespoke system to suit your exact needs

Familiar interface to your sales in the browser

Packing Partner comes with a fast built-in web browser, which has been designed so you can work exactly the way you are used to.

Navigate your web store admin and collect your orders into the program.

After you have processed your orders, you simply update the platform (eg. your Magento website order page, or Amazon orders page for example) with a simple click of a button.

Your sales from all channels in one view

From the Records view, you can filter and sort your sales to meet your needs.

Choose different invoice templates for different orders, print the shipping labels onto your invoice sheets and much more!

Use a lookup table to assign SKUs, weights and package sizes, even if your platform doesn't support them.

Efficient shipping

Shipping rules allow you determine the exact carrier and method that is best for each parcel you ship.

You can specify orders over a particular value or weight go by a different method or carrier. You can just print this information, or create an export file for your carrier such as Royal Mail or MyHermes. Overriding shipping rules for specific parcels is also extremely simple.

Currently we support importing of individual address label extracted from the PDF files produced by DMO, Interlink, DPD, UPS and MyHermes. This means you can bring a label from one of these carrier programs into Packing Partner! It can then be printed on the same page as your invoice details, saving you time and money.

Powerful layout designer

The easy to use Layout Designer gives you the power to print any of the information contained in your sales records.

Position text and images anywhere on the page, and even choose what gets to be printed when an sales order flows onto more than one page.

Pre-defined frames and fields allow you to print VAT or non VAT invoices, select the correct PPI image (if applic) and automatically print CN22 forms when required.

Print coupons, promotional text, logos, images, barcodes, QR Codes and a variety of custom information with ease.


Packing Partner has a comprehensive set of features that you need to process your online orders. Sellers who are processing between 20 and 3,000 orders per day, it can save you hours of work.

The pricing of Packing Partner is based on the features you want to use. If you are a small business, you can start with the basic functionality and add features as your business grows.

Export orders and optionally upload for Exact Abacus
Export a file for Tradebox to import into Sage
Export records for importing into other programs
Save time by Queuing sales from more than one page
Translate titles from any language and get exchange rates
Collect and print product images for your sales
Add codes to to choose international services and print CN22 forms
Can use codes for Royal Mail Mailsort or Packetsort
Search all the records that have been collected into the system
Email customers with status updates, invoices and feedback reminders
Import records from CSV files, to use with unsupported channels
Synchronise data between PCs via local network, cloud storage or FTP
Transfer sales for processing to another PC, anywhere.
Create local orders directly in Packing Partner for phone or cash sales
Use a product list for quick creation of local orders
Print any field in your order as a barcode
Print invoices or delivery notes on plain or integrated label paper
Print a list that shows each customer's details and ordered items
Print a list of products grouped by title or SKU for picking
Print a list that can be signed and stamped as proof of postage at a Post Office
Print different text or images on a label or invoice, e.g. 1st or 2nd class PPI
Extra print options such as a gift message on a single page
Create a report of the number and value of products sold for any period
Produce a report showing the breakdown of VAT on sales
Show a user definable summary of recent sales
Spell checker for the built in webbrowser
Powerful scripting allows Packing Partner to be customised any way you want


Packing Partner represents extremely good value for you and your online business

The main program is on a low-cost yearly subscription, and it is based on the number of features you want to use.

You can start with the basics and expand later if you need. To subscribe, click Tools -> Subscribe in the program.


Up to 5 features for £70 per year
Up to 10 features for £100 per year
Up to 20 features for £125 per year
All features for £150 per year

All prices are plus VAT at 20%, which will be added at the checkout

Multiple PC discounts are 10% for 2 PCs, 20% for 3 to 5 PCs and 30% for 6 to 10 PCs .

Try all the features of the Gold subscription in the 14 day Free Trial

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