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Simply NikNaks

Error after collecting from Woocommerce

I have just collected my orders from my woocommerce site and exported to Royal Mail Click & Drop.
However, C&D has refused one of the lines reporting that Shipping Cost can only be 2 decimal places.
Instead of doing the automatic import into C&D I then exported to a CSV file and checked - and sure enough, although I am charging 4.75 for shipping in Woocommerce, PP has exported the value 4.752, causing C&D to throw the error.
Can this be changed so that PP only exports all cost or price values to 2 decimal places?

Also, I have still had no response to my earlier problem as to why PP hangs when despatching orders from woocommerce. As my website is now getting busier I need this functionality rectifying asap as currently I have to do this manually.


#2 11-06-2019 05:25 pm


Re: Error after collecting from Woocommerce

Thanks, we will change the Click & Drop export.
Can you email us a contact number, as we'd need to have a look at the wooCommerce issue, on your account.


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