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Ebay Still not working - HELP

hi Ben, 

I kept trying to call yesterday but it was engaged.  In the end I ended up manually adjusting each one, - but today it will not produce any label at all

Amazon is fine,

However the ebay orders are not coming through with weight or packet size from the lookup (they all say Pkg, 0.000 Kgs, 0 x 0 x 0 mm, 0.0000m3) - this is stopping the labels being produced completely.

I know the look up is right (as we sold the same item yesterday on Amazon and that label came off fine), 

0 Pkg, 0.100 Kgs, 0 x 0 x 0 mm, 0.0000m3

In look up, it has the correct weight and package size of 5 (as we have that as our large letter size) 

It is also not producing picking lists, even though they are all separate SKU, and on the orders, (I have 19 ebay orders trying to collect in this example), - it gives me a picking list of one item - qty 19!   - so picking list no good either

I have downloaded the latest version, but (and it says that when I check help / about), but it is not working for me,  -HELP


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