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#1 08-03-2022 04:01 pm


Best way to assign Royal Mail formats and weights to eBay records?


I need to get PP to assign the correct Royal Mail format and weight to each eBay record using shipping rules.
I am in the process of adding package sizes and exact weights to all my eBay listings.
Do any of you know how to set up shipping rules to automatically pull that information from eBay when collecting each record?
I don't want to start off down the wrong path, I'd like to get it right so I don't have to do it all over again.

I'd appreciate any help.



#2 09-03-2022 11:29 pm


Re: Best way to assign Royal Mail formats and weights to eBay records?

Thanks for the post.

The package size, I believe, you will see in the Shipping Method as the sales are collected into Packing Partner. The weights will also be collected, but only if using the Express addon.

However, we don't generally recommend that you use this information to derive postage format (eg letter, large letter, parcel) and weight. For single item (and single quantity) items, the package size from eBay would be accurate. For orders with more than one item or quantity, this can become inaccurate.

As I understand it eBay still only allows you to enter a weight on a listing level, and not on a variation level. This means that the weight coming through is not necessarily accurate.

Royal Mail as you may be aware have in the last few months revised their Terms and Conditions and are expecting accurate individual package weights even if being booked in and ultimately paid for on an average weight product.

For these reasons and others we tend to recommend users to build their own data within or external to Packing Partner. There are ways to work with the Lookup to determine final postage as well as a module available that allows you to teach Packing Partner which items and quantities are which format and weight.

You can also use our separate Packing Station app, which connects to Packing Partner, that allows you to get a label after you've packed an order. You can use USB scales with it for fast and accurate weight readings, and this also learns which items are which posting format and weight (including mixtures of different items), so that you only tell it once.

Getting labels after an order is packed also removes the issue that arises when you do not send an order on the day RM is expecting you to send it (send date is contained in the label and their system). Eg, the physical posting not matching the manifest can result in RM making an adjustment to the OBA order that is created with each manifest. They generally charge for this adjustment and may continue to audit your postings until all things are accurate.

Feel free to get in touch via email if you'd like to discuss any of this further or book a consultation session, thanks


#3 10-03-2022 10:58 am


Re: Best way to assign Royal Mail formats and weights to eBay records?

Thank you Ben, that's very helpful. I have sent you an email.


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