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#1 11-01-2023 05:27 pm

Simply NikNaks
Simply NikNaks

Adding HS Code on an Ad Hoc basis

Is there any way to add the HS Customs Codes to an item on an Ad Hoc basis?
I can only seem to do it from the Lookup table. But sometimes family/friends ask me to post an item for them (so there is no SKU code) or I have not updated the Lookup table for a new product, then I cannot send the item internationally as it has no HS Code in the Lookup table.
Would it be possible to add it to the Amend Carrier screen - where if the SKU is in the lookup I can see the HS Code being used and change it or add it if not there?


#2 12-01-2023 03:21 pm


Re: Adding HS Code on an Ad Hoc basis

Thanks for the post. The only way to supply HS data is via the lookup at the moment, but we do have this for consideration in a future release.


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