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#1 30-05-2023 01:01 pm

Simply NikNaks
Simply NikNaks

Amazon Buy Shipping Integration

This is not strictly a PP issue at all but I thought I would highlight the issue I am having with using Amazon Buy Shipping.

Basically, if using Amazon Buy Shipping and there is a problem with delivery, it says on the Amazon Buy Shipping Help page that your account ODR metric is protected. However, it is not. I have had 2 orders recently that were not delivered. Customer raised an A-Z and both are on my ODR metric.

I am going round in circles with Amazon support to resolve the issue

Seller Support passes the case to Claims
Claims says they uphold their decision to award the A-Z (which I am not disputing - just the fact it now appears on my ODR metric)
Account Health Specialist say I have to go through Seller Support

I have gone through the loop 3 times now. 

Now this raises 2 points:

  1. Could it be that using the Amazon Buy Shipping API through Packing Partner (as opposed to using the Amazon webpage interface) does not actually offer the same level of protection?

  2. I am charged a per label fee for using Amazon Buy Shipping. The fee is higher than the Royal Mail Click & Drop fee. If I am not going get the added protection from using Amazon Buy Shipping I may as well put everything through Click & Drop instead and pay less.



#2 30-05-2023 02:14 pm


Re: Amazon Buy Shipping Integration

Thanks for the post.

When you create labels in Packing Partner via Amazon Buy Shipping (Create Carrier Labels) it is using the same system as if you were doing it manually so the same rules apply. The VTR metric is protected (automatically exempt) if a label is bought via Buy Shipping.

I am not aware of the ODR also being protected regardless of whether the order gets delivered or not, when you buy a label via Buy Shipping (regardless of method employed).


#3 30-05-2023 02:35 pm

Simply NikNaks
Simply NikNaks

Re: Amazon Buy Shipping Integration

According to the Buy Shipping help pages when using Buy Shipping you are protected from Negative feedback and A-Z claims affecting ODR metric … G200202220

However, I have now had 2 undelivered orders when Amazon awarded A-Z and it has affected my ODR

I have appealed numerous times but their Support is just hopeless

So either Amazon are making a mistake (probably) or there is a loophole in using the Buy Shipping API


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