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Recent Issues

29-10-2021 Missing Settings

  • Issues: A previous updates caused a problem with loading options

  • Status: A fix has been released, see here for details of recovering settings

25-10-2021 12:35 Server Issue

  • Issues: Packing Partner Server not running.

  • Status: This has now been fixed now.

19-10-2021 11:30 PayPal payment issues

  • Issues: Can't click Accept button on PayPal login page

  • Status: There is a workaround for this issue here.

15-10-2021 09:30 Click and Drop International labels not generating

  • Issues: Not getting labels back from Royal Mail for international

  • Status: Please see this page for a solution.

20-08-2021 09:30 eBay not collecting

  • Issues: Critical errors when collecting from eBay

  • It looks like this is an eBay issue on a few accounts

01-07-2021 09:30 No Upload to Click & Drop

  • Issues: Unable to upload to Click & Drop after update

  • Status: Fixed in V3.5.2.188 click here to install the update.

28-06-2021 15:39 Incorrect VAT for EU Countries

  • Issue: VAT not set correctly for EU countries, since V3.5.2.160

  • Status: Fixed in V3.5.2.180 click here to install the update.
    Note: This update will automatically fix any issues in current and archive records

25-06-2021 9:15 Click & Drop not Selected

  • Issue: Packing Partner is not seeing checked rows on Click & Drop.

  • Status: Fixed in V3.5.2.179 click here to install the update.

10-06-2021 9:15 Click & Drop not Importing

  • Issue: Click & Drop PDF is not importing.

  • Status: Fixed in V3.5.2.171 click here to install the update

19-05-2021 12:30 Amazon not Collecting

  • Issue: Amazon sales are not in Express or being marked despatched.

  • Status: Amazon have now resolved the issues.

15-04-2021 10:30 Changes for Amazon Shipping VTR

  • Status: Packing Partner updated for new Amazon VTR rules. Please click here to install the update. See here for details on achieving 95% VTR.

30-03-2021 16:00 Sales in Express Collect can be lost

  • Issue: Some sales can be lost from Ready in Express Collect

  • Status: This has been fixed in version Please click here to install the update

22-02-2021 14:00 Current records not being saved

  • Issue: Current records are not being saved to file when Packing Partner is closed

  • Status: This has been fixed in version, please click here to install the update

03-01-2021 17:00 Cannot find credentials for Amazon

  • Issue: Please see here for details of this issue.

05-01-2021 20:00 Some Records Duplicated after Editing Lookup

  • Issue: In the latest release, some records can be duplicated, after editing and applying lookup

  • Status: This issue has been fixed in version, please click here to install the update

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Re: Recent Issues

Older Issues

10-08-2019 10:15 Click & Drop not generating labels

  • Issue: Click & Drop is not generating labels, so cannot be downloaded

  • Fixed: A user has reported this fixed now

13-06-2019 8:30 eBay not collecting

  • Issue: eBay not collecting, also variations not collected.

  • Fixed: Both issues are fixed, download the latest version here.

  • Note: You need to be on Version If your browser doesn't download that version, please restart your browser and try again.

18-05-2019 9:30 MyHermes buttons not enabled

  • Issue: Upload & download buttons disabled on MyHermes site.

  • Fixed: Please download the latest version here

16-05-2019 8:00 eBay not collecting

  • Issue: eBay not collecting.

  • Fixed: Download the latest version here
    Note: Some data may be missing, this is an eBay issue. If you do get missing data, please Retry.

14-05-2019 12:00 eBay shipping methods missing on collect

  • Issue: When collecting some Click and Collect sales, you may see the wrong shipping method or an error for that sale

  • Status: This appears to be an eBay problem. We expect them to resolve this, however in the meantime if you collect again (retry) it should work. You may have to try more than once.

24-04-2019 11:00 Amazon not updating

  • Issue: Amazon sales are not being marked shipped / memory usage high

  • Status: Marking shipped in Amazon and memory leak fixed, please download the latest version here

11-03-2019 9:50 eBay closing Packing Partner

28-02-2019 11:00 Amazon not collecting

  • Issue: Problems collecting sales

  • Status: Please see dedicated page here

16-01-2019 - Issues with Click & Drop International deliveries

  • Issue: International deliveries require more fields

  • Fixed: Download the latest version here, which requires remapping the import fields in C&D.

  • Info:   More information on C&D imports for International Pre-Advice is here.


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