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GDPR Statement

General GDPR

  • AiMCo software only holds minimal information on our customers, which is NEVER shared with anyone.

  • We may contact you by email only, about updates or information relevant to our Software and services.

  • Please contact Ben Norris, ( if you have any concerns or need any information on the data AiMCo software holds.

Forum Login

  • Our server keeps your login email address only, it does not keep your forum password.

  • This will only be stored as a cookie on your browser, if you tick the box 'keep me logged in'.


  • We only hold the email address and serial number that you used when registering our software.


  • We only hold copies of invoices, and payments details that are required by law.

Your data held in Packing Partner

  • Packing Partner only keeps passwords and credentials, on the PC you entered them into.

  • It is encrypted when saved on that PC. It may not always be encrypted when be used to login to a site or service.

  • Packing Partner will only connect to endpoints that use encrypted transport.

Your customer data on Packing Partner

  • The Packing Partner Program holds details of your customer orders, on the PC where it is installed.

  • They are available from that PC and any others that you have synced with it, through Packing Partner.

  • Customer data can be deleted from Packing Partner using the Records menu in the Records Tab

Your customer data on Express Collect

  • Our server only keeps your customer sales data for a maximum of 14 days, after which is it deleted.

  • It is encrypted when gathering from the sales channel, and when downloading to Packing Partner.

Your customer data for fixing issues

  • Sometimes it may be necessary to take copies of your customer data, to find and fix issues.

  • The data is never permanently stored anywhere else, or used for any other purpose.


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