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Printing Problems after March 2020 Windows Update

UPDATE 03/04/20

We have released a potential fix for this issue, 3.5 users please update from here

Microsoft have released updates in March which for some users is causing problems printing.

Within Packing Partner, you may experience Printer Error messages, blank labels or the software may close unexpectedly during printing.

We expect Microsoft to release further updates to fix this, but in the meantime you can try the methods below in turn, which should resolve the problem.

Also ensure you have installed any pending Windows updates before proceeding.

Reload Printer Settings Profile

  • Click Print>Print Layout to open the print dialog.

  • Change to any other printer and click properties

  • Click OK in the new printer properties, then Cancel in the print dialog.

  • You should be asked to save the new printer settings, click Yes.

  • Open the Print dialog again, select your printer and click Properties.

  • Click OK, and then try printing again

Check Margins

Open the layout you're trying to print to.If your layout has a Left or Top margin of 0:

  • Change left and top margin to 1

  • Subtract 2 from the Page Width and Page Height

  • Save the layout and try printing again

Whilst you have the layout open, you should also open the printer properties from there (Print>Properties).

Change to a different printer in the list, press properties, press OK.

Change back to the printer you want to use, press properties, press OK.

Save the layout and try printing again.

Check for phantom printers

It's worth removing any duplicate printer entries you may have on your system.

Make sure your printer is connected and powered on.

With the printer switched off and connected, go to the Windows Start menu and type Control Panel

Click Control Panel to open it.

Now click Devices and Printers

Look for greyed out copies of your printer. For example if you have a Brother HL500, you might see:

Brother HL500 (not greyed out)
Brother HL500 Copy 1 (greyed out)

Right click on the greyed out version, and click Remove device

Close and open Packing Partner, you may need to repeat Reload Printer Settings Profile method above

Reinstall the Printer

Close Packing Partner

Turn your printer off at the wall.

With the printer switched off, go to the Windows Start menu and type Control Panel

Click Control Panel to open it.

Click Devices and Printers

Locate the printer in the list, and right-click>Remove device

Turn the printer back on at the wall, it should be detected by Windows and automatically installed

When finished, open Packing Partner and repeat the Reload Printer Settings Profile method above before trying to print again.

Change spool settings

It may also be worth changing the spool settings for the printer, which may allow you to print without problems.

Either via Control Panel or Settings in Windows, find your printer, right-click and choose Printer Properties. In the Advanced tab, you can experiment with enabling "Print directly to printer" or "Start printing after last page is spooled".

Give it a fair test after each change. You may find it takes longer to start printing, or there is a pause between pages, with these alternative settings.


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