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#1 14-04-2020 12:47 pm

ct tools
ct tools

layout issue

hey! we have a new account and have come across an issue
I have not had on PP before.
We have generated our label to look how we require,
however when I collect the orders from eBay they sit in
packing partner with the images and titles.
However the layout doesn't seem to grab the titles,
SKu, images etc.
Only the address and price.

Am I doing something silly? or is there an issue.


Last edited by ct tools (14-04-2020 12:48 pm)


#2 14-04-2020 01:25 pm


Re: layout issue

Thanks for the post.

If you have an invoice / despatch note frame on your layout, that should work. You also need the Invoice feature enabled in Tools>Features which might be why you're not seeing them.

If still stuck, please email us your layout file and we can take a look at it for you.

Here's where to find the layout:

In Packing Partner go to Tools>Options>System tab and click Data folder

In that folder, go into Layouts


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