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Royal Mail 2D Tracking Codes


We use Royal Mail with the 2d tracking, and PP uploads this into Amazon.  Like a lot of retailers we get issue with Amazon not recognising this, and so losing the cases even when delivered, 

Looking into it (and because Amazon have announced new rules for tracking to shortly come in with the Mandatory input of Carrier on Feb 2)

The 2d Barcodes go into Amazon like this from Packing partner  : Tracking ID: 32-001 925 4000-221 BB4 EFC

If I check this in the Royal Mail site it defaults it to no space or -
Delivered Tracking no. 320019254000221BB4EFC

Your item was delivered on 04-01-2021.

Amazon will only accept 13-21 Characters tracking for Royal MAil, meaning that uploading the tracking in the version: 
32-001 925 4000-221 BB4 EFC  as PP does currently will not be accepted, 

So... how can we get the tracking numbers in the format that Amazon and Royal Mail want and protect the retailers? (as they can be easily tracked online and read by the Amazon systems) - 320019254000221BB4EFC 

From Amazon Help / advise on new policy on Tracking and  Mandatory input of carrier and delivery service/ship method. (it won't let me post the pretty box that is on the Amazon site) 

Integrated carrier Tracking ID format
Royal MailLength: 13 to 21 characters
13 Characters: The first and last two digits are alpha characters, with the last two being GB (Example: XX123456789GB)

16 Characters: Example: 021115C902CF0C99
21  Characters: Example: 0B014648800003598B01 - THIS IS THE 2D BARCODE



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Re: Royal Mail 2D Tracking Codes

We can simply remove the spaces and hyphens when uploading to Amazon.
I'll get that done and an update out, should be today or tomorrow.
You can check here:


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