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#1 06-06-2023 04:04 pm

Simply NikNaks
Simply NikNaks

Adding Marketplace field to labels

I would like to add the marketplace where purchased to the shipping label.

Basically I have ebay branded packaging and would like to use them only on my ebay orders so I need to add a field either to the shipping label (preferably) or the packing list that will show me where the order was placed.

I copied the existing label layout, shrank the length a little and added a text frame at the bottom and added the field {Account}. When I print Amazon labels it now prints 'Amazon SFP' at bottom but it does not print anything for ebay or my own website labels. I couldnt find a {Marketplace} or similar field to use instead.


#2 06-06-2023 04:10 pm

Simply NikNaks
Simply NikNaks

Re: Adding Marketplace field to labels

Its ok I found the right field - its {Channel}


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