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#1 29-09-2023 08:09 am


Amazon VTR - Not Being Protected

We have changed from Tracked 48 to Royal Mail 48 and relying on the 2d barcodes for the low value large letters in the last couple of weeks

Our VTR is starting to plummet from the large letters that are not being scanned by Royal Mail.  Are we doing something wrong? (Royal Mail account linked, using Packing Partner to get the labels etc) - Am I correct that this is classed as "Buy Shipping"?

(We noticed that if we bypass Packing Partner and just buy the label Amazon directly, whilst a complete pita we were protected when the labels were not scanned.)

please can someone let me know if I am being a numpty somewhere, as I need to reverse the decline in VTR pretty quickly, before it becomes a problem, 



#2 29-09-2023 09:38 am


Re: Amazon VTR - Not Being Protected

Hi Rachael, Thank you for your message. You will need to set your carrier/parcel settings to Creator - API Label, Carrier  - Amazon SFP, Service - 48 Large Letter CRL, Hazmat - None. This will purchase the labels through Amazon Buy Shipping and secure your VTR.

I will email you some further instructions.


#3 03-11-2023 05:04 pm

Simply NikNaks
Simply NikNaks

Re: Amazon VTR - Not Being Protected

Just to add to this - yes if you buying the labels directly as configured above via Amazon Buy Shipping your VTR will be protected and be 100%

However, please note:
1. If you buy via RM Click & Drop, Amazon do background checks to make sure of the validity of any tracking numbers. Your VTR score may drop but NO ONE has ever had their account deactivated because of this as long as the validity checks have passed. You will get warning emails - but Amazon are basically just trying to scare you into using Buy Shipping
2. Be careful using Buy Shipping if you get an order from the channel islands. Buy Shipping does not produce the necessary customs information or CN22 label that is required for these orders. Click & Drop does. You will need to manually add the CN22 label but this does mean the HS Commodity Code information will be missing. This may effect delivery. You may want to configure Packing Partner to push such orders through Click & Drop instead of Buy Shipping.
3. The protection Buy Shipping is supposed to give you for delivery problems does not exist - despite what it says in the help pages. Items delivered late or that go missing will (more often than not) still affect your ODR metric in Amazon. It is not supposed to - but it does. And getting Amazon Support to remedy it gets you nowhere.
4. You may lose any daily bulk/quantity discounts that RM may offer you if your orders are split between Click & Drop and Buy Shipping. RM do not combine the daily quantities from both systems.

Ive recently stopped pushing my orders through Buy Shipping and now just use Click & Drop because of these problems. Yes I am expecting my VTR score will drop - but look in the Amazon forums and you will find that no one has yet been penalised as long as the background checks show the tracking id was valid.

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