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#1 05-12-2023 03:32 pm


Need Help with Scripting


I know I am a clueless idiot when it comes to the scripting, but I need some help pls as there a couple of scripts I want to add to the filter

In our system, our orders come in with either a  =10.24px10.000Pkg, or 5.000Pkg, (we use the lookup database for all our products), - the 5 / 10 denotes large letter / Parcel for us in Royal Mail, 

This works fine, however I want to be able to filter by 5 or 10 so I can print separate lists off of my large letter orders etc. - and I cannot suss how to do this filter at all, I have got the names Large Letter and Parcel to appear on the filter list, but I cannot seem to get any further, 

where am I going wrong?




#2 05-12-2023 03:56 pm


Re: Need Help with Scripting

There isn't a specific filter for package type, so you'd need to add it in scripting.
For details on how this works, press F1 in Packing Partner and in the index search for filter.

In Define filters add these two lines:

Then in scripting add this function:
Function Records_Filter(Record As RecordStruct, Name As String) As Boolean
  Dim Package As Integer = Val(Name)
  If Package Then
   For Each Item As ItemStruct In Record.Invoice.Items
    If Item.Package = Package Then
     Return True
    End If
  End If
  Return False
 End Function


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