Integrated Browser

Integrated Browser

In the integrated browser you can work with the view of your orders that you are familiar with.

It has all the functionality of a normal browser such as tabbed pages, auto logins and spell checking of text input.

It also has additional features to integrate your sales and online carriers with Packing Partner.

Menus on the toolbar give you instant access to collecting and marking sales despatched, and downloading online carrier labels.


Carriers and Shipping

Shipping rules

Shipping rules allow you to automatically select the best carrier and service, for each parcel. Rules can be based on any criteria, such as size, weight value, destination, etc.

Carrier support

We integrate with all the major carriers by creating labels via a carrier's API.

Shipping labels

Using the powerful layout designer, labels can be printed onto thermal or integrated labels. We even support duplex label printers.

Tracking numbers

Tracking numbers can be used in emails to customers, and uploaded to selling channels.

This is a key point to maintaining a high seller rating on Amazon and eBay.

Royal Mail on demand

Create Royal Mail 2D barcoded labels, without uploading and downloading data through the browser. You will need a business account with Click & Drop.

Other on demand labels

The simplest way to create shipping labels in Packing Partner is to use our on demand labels. These are charged per label created, with discounts for the volume created each month.

Packing stations

For larger packing operations, we can offer a complete custom application, that allows the carrier and service of the on demand label, to be chosen at individual packing stations.


All your shipping and label needs in one application

Express Collect add-on

Express Collect

The standard way to bring sales into Packing Partner, is to select and collect them manually, using the integrated browser.

Express Collect, saves the time taken to collect manually by gathering your sales into our cloud server, then automatically transferring them to Packing Partner.

This is an especially useful time saver for higher volumes, or if you sell on multiple platforms.

Supported platforms

The express add-on currently supports: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Fruugo, Magento1, Magento 2, OnBuy, Shopify and WooCommerce.

We are adding more platforms, and if your bespoke site has an API, we can add that too.

Cost of Express

Express Collect is a monthly subscription, for the number of accounts you use. The first account is £18 per month, and £8 for each additional account. e.g: 1 Amazon and 2 eBay accounts, the monthly subscription would be £34, including VAT

Printing Features

Printed lists

There are one click, pre-defined templates, for picking, packing and postal records.

All the lists have user defined settings, so you can print a much or little detail as you need.

If the lists don't quite fit what you need, they can be modified through scripting, to be exactly what you do need.

Powerful designer

The layout designer allows you to use a single printing template, to cover all your requirements.

Your design can include text, images, invoice or delivery notes, shipping labels, and automatic CN22 when needed.

You can set rules to print different logos & text for each record. e.g one logo and text for eBay, another for Amazon.

Use any printer

Layouts can be configured to print your tailored layout on label sheets or rolls, plain or integrated label paper.

Print everything for your picking, packing and despatch

Records View

Records View

In the records view, you can see the sales that have been collected from your sales channels, and their status.

You can print picking and packing lists, export to carriers, print invoices and labels, and email progress updates to your customers.

As you print and pack your orders, their status is changed, so it's very easy to keep track of their progress.

Once all your orders have been processed, the are marked shipped on your sales channels, with carrier and any tracking details.


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