Customisation and Scripting

Powerful Scripting

The built in scripting module, allows Packing Partner to be tailored to work the way you do.

If you have specific requirements, or need to integrate with other applications, we can adapt Packing Partner for those.

Metrics dashboards

Packing Partner's data can be used to create HTML5 dashboards, that display order processing metrics.

The dashboards can be displayed on Packing Partner's opening tab, or distributed anywhere in your premises.


Setup and Support

Free initial setup

For first time purchasers of Packing Partner, we offer an initial 30 minutes of free setup, support and training.

This is usually enough to take you through the principles of how to get the best from Packing Partner for your business.

Further setup and training

If your business needs more than the basic setup, we can offer training and support for £35 per hour + VAT.

This can be to advise and setup any aspect of Packing Partner, from shipping rules, to custom scripting and training colleagues on the system.

Control your business, not the other way round

Client Applications

Client Applications

Our custom built client applications allow you to distribute the work of packing partner away from the main PC.

The most common use is to scan and mark orders as shipped, or create and print shipping labels, at a packing station.

This way, you don't have to decide in advance which carrier service to use. The packer chooses the best service, after the products are packed.

Client applications are bespoke for each client, costs start from £150 for coding and setup, with a monthly subscription for the client applications.

On Demand Shipping

Time saving labels

On demand labels are created automatically within Packing Partner, there is no need to navigate to a browser or use file exchange.

Royal Mail on demand

Create Royal Mail 2D barcoded labels, without uploading and downloading data through the browser.

You will need a business account with Click & Drop.

Other carriers

In partnership with Despatch Cloud, we offer a wide range of carrier integrations, for creating on demand labels.

Carrier accounts

To use on demand labels, you need your own account with the carrier, which will give you the required credentials to access their online label systems.

Pricing for on demand shipping labels


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