Amazon Sales

There are a few additional things that are needed and that you can use when collecting sales from Amazon

Credentials to collect sales

Additional Product details

Credentials to Collect Sales

To collect products from Amazon you will need to create and paste the credentials to access Amazon Merchant Web Services into Packing Partner.

Please read the instruction below carefully.

In Packing Partner, click Tools>Credentials and from the Toolbar click  Add>Amazon MWS

You can now leave this window open while you navigate to your Amazon account to copy the credentials.

If you have registered as an Amazon developer, see below: 1 - Existing Credentials otherwise: 2 - Creating Credentials

Once you have successfully entered the identifiers, you should be able to collect records from Amazon.

When copying
Make sure you don't have any additional spaces around the identifiers and that upper and lower case are correct and If there are any errors, check that each textbox is correct.

1. Existing Credentials

On the Top right of Amazon click Settings>User Permissions

If you have already created your credentials, under Current Authorisations, there will be an entry for your account name, ending with (You)

From the User Permissions page, copy Seller ID, Developer ID and Developer Nickname (without the end space and the word (YOU)

Click View your credentials and copy Access Key ID and Secret Key

2. Creating Credentials

On the top right of Amazon click Settings>User Permissions. There are two interfaces for getting MWS credentials.

Under Amazon MWS Developer Permissions you will have a button named Register as a Developer or Sign up for MWS Credentials.

A - Sign up for MWS credentials

If you have this option you need to Check the top box as below and click Next

B - Register as a Developer

If you have this option you will go straight to the agreement page.

After accepting the user agreement, you will be shown the account identifiers for Amazon MWS.

Amazon product details

Amazon lists additional product details that is not collected by default. It needs to be setup under Tools>Options>Settings>Amazon English Collect .

To collect one or more of the product details enter the names of the details separated by the | character (shift + the key next to it, on the keyboard). e.g. Enter Brand , to collect the Product Brand.

Printing the details

You can print the details by using the {Det} field from within an invoice or delivery note frame or {DetList} to print it in a normal frame.

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