Amazon Sales

There are a few additional things that are needed and that you can use when collecting sales from Amazon

Credentials to collect sales

Additional Product details

Credentials are required to collect sales from Amazon

To collect accurate listing information from Amazon you will need to create a credentials entry in Packing Partner from the menu Tools>Credentials

Please follow the steps below carefully.

Step 1

In Packing Partner, click Tools>Credentials and from the Toolbar click  Create>Amazon MWS

You can now leave this window open while you navigate to your Amazon account to copy the credentials.

Step 2

In your Amazon Seller Central account, go to Settings>User Permissions and click the Visit Manage Your Apps button:

On the next page click Authorise new developer:

Step 3

Enter the following information, and click Next:

Developer's Name: Packing Partner

Developer ID: 4394-5102-3039

Step 4.

Read and agree to Amazon's MWS License Agreement. This explains that Packing Partner will be able to retrieve data from your account. Note that only information relevant to your orders will be retrieved.

Click Next and you will be provided with the information required to be pasted into the new credentials entry you started in step 1.

Copy the information carefully into the credentials window and then press Save. 

Once you have successfully entered the required identifiers (Account Name, Seller ID, Marketplace ID and Token), you should be able to collect sales from Amazon.

When copying
Make sure you don't have any additional spaces around the identifiers and that upper and lower case are correct and If there are any errors, check that each textbox is correct.
If you cannot see your Account Name: This is the name of your store and is usually shown at the top of the screen in Seller Central. Be careful not to copy any additional spaces at the end of the name.

You can configure Packing Partner to retrieve additional product details from Amazon:

Go to Tools>Options>Settings and filter for Amazon English

To collect one or more of the product details enter the names of the attributes separated by the | character (shift + the key next to it, on the keyboard).


Brand|Type|Release date

Any matching attributes on Amazon will be downloaded into Packing Partner and stored with the sale record. You print this information on your invoices / labels / delivery notes as below.

Printing the details

You can print the details by using the {Det} field from within an invoice or delivery note frame or {DetList} to print it in a normal frame.

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