Click & Drop API

Connecting to Click & Drop API

Connecting to the Click & Drop API is the simplest way to get your Royal Mail labels into Packing Partner.

Click & Drop API integration is a subscription add-on that is charged per label charge. Please see our pricing page.
To subscribe to API labels, in Packing Partner go to Account Tab>Subscriptions>On Demand Royal Mail Labels

To get labels through the API, get an authorisation key from your Click & Drop account, and add it to Packing Partner.

In Click & Drop, click on the Settings on the top right menu, then click Integrations:

Then click Add a new integration on the top right.

In the centre of the page click on Click & Drop API

This will add a new integration for the Click & Drop API, click on the row to change settings.

Make sure you select your trading name and the same settings as below, then click the Copy to clipboard button, next to the API authorisation key.

Then click Update and connect.

Adding authorisation key into Packing Partner

In Packing Partner click Tools>Credentials and Create>Click & Drop API

Paste in the authorisation key and Integration name from your Click & Drop account and click Save.

Then you will be able to create labels directly in the Records tab, by using the Carrier>Create Carrier Labels button

Please Note
To create carrier labels you need to set the carrier settings to the correct 2D service, in the carrier settings dialog.