IOSS on Click & Drop

Setting up IOSS on Click & Drop

In your click and Drop account, select Trading Names from the Settings menu.

Then select New Trading Name from the top of the page

Trading Names

The simplest way to setup IOSS is by adding one Trading Name per channel you sell on. Packing Partner uses predefined names for this , which are mapped automatically to the following Trading Names:


IOSS Amazon


Custom Trading Names
If you use more than one Trading Name, or want to use your own IOSS Trading Names, please see below under Custom Trading Names.

Enter the IOSS numbers for all the regions and countries that you export to:

IOSS Numbers for platforms




Europe (EU)





Europe (EU)




Europe (EU)


Mapping channels and accounts to Trading Names

In Packing Partner go To Tools>Options>Settings and filter for click

Enabling Trading Name Export

To export Trading Names, you will need to set Add Trading Name and IOSS Number columns to export , to Yes

This will mean that next time you upload to Click & Drop, you will need to remap the import columns, see here for details .

Custom Trading Names

Optional steps
You only need to complete the following steps, if you need custom Trading Names

In the IOSS Trading Names textbox, enter a comma separated list of the channel and account you want to be used for each Trading Name e.g.

You have Trading Names on Click & Drop of Business One and Business Two , and eBay accounts: tradingone and tradingtwo

Your additional Trading Names could be: Business One IOSS Ebay and   Business Two IOSS Ebay  

Your comma separated list would be: Ebay.tradingone=Business One IOSS Ebay, Ebay.tradingtwo=Business Two IOSS Ebay

When Packing Partner exports eBay records to Click & Drop, it will check the list for a match, and use that Trading Name.

Trading Names with Scripting

Mapping records to Trading Names can be done from scripting:

Function Carrier_BeforeCreateDemand(Record As RecordStruct) As RecordStruct
If Record.Carrier.Export = "Click & Drop" Or Record.Carrier.Account = "2D Labels" Then
'Exporting for Click & Drop web or Desktop
If Record.Channel = "MyChannel" And Record.SellerID = "MySellerID" Then
'Set matching record to Trading Name
    Record.Carrier.Company =
"My Trading Name"
End If
End If
Return Record
End Function