Click & Drop Web

Uploading shipments to Click & Drop

Once you have created your shipping rules, to upload to Click & Drop:

In Packing Partner's browser, navigate to Click & Drop Import Batch page and click Carrier>Upload Shipment Details on the browser toolbar.

Maximum field lengths
Please see here for the list of Click & Drop fields and their maximum lengths

Mapping Columns

When you first upload to Click & Drop, you will need to map all 37 columns exported by Packing Partner, and change the Name format selection box to First and last names are combined. You only need to do this once, then Click & Drop will remember your settings.

Mapping for Click & Drop Desktop

If you are creating labels with Click & Drop Desktop please follow these steps:

In Packing Partner's browser navigate to Click & Drop's import page, and select Carrier>Upload Column Mapping

Once you've mapped the columns, click Import, which will cause an error, so just click Undo Import.

The header fields exported by Packing Partner match those on Click & Drop. Just match the drop-down for each column to the column name above it.

Label Format
In Click & Drop Settings>Label Format, you need to set the following options:

Separate label and despatch note 


Do not generate despatch notes

Make sure all other options are not selected

Downloading Labels

To download labels, navigate to the Orders / Batch History page, select the batches to be downloaded and click  Label Import on the toolbar. The labels will be downloaded and matched to the records in Packing Partner.

You can only download labels that have been paid for and have not yet been manifested.

This only applies if you are using the web integration, the API integration automatically downloads and imports the labels

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