Click & Drop Integration

Setting up the account

Once you have signed up for a Click & Drop account from Royal mail, you can upload your shipments and download your labels for printing directly onto your own labels or integrated paper.

Integrating with Click & Drop

There are two ways to integrate with Click and Drop, through manual file export and downloading and import or PDF labels. Click & Drop export and PDF import is a feature that must be enabled in Packing Partner, go to  Tools>Features and filter for drop .

Setting up web integration

The other is integration through the Click & Drop API, which is faster, simpler, and less prone to issues. API integration is charged per label, you can subscribe to Click & Drop API labels by going to Account Tab>Subscriptions>On Demand Royal Mail Labels .

Setting up API integration

Carrier settings

Both integrations use the same carrier settings, applied to each record. These are added when records are imported into Packing Partner using Shipping Rules , or manually by selecting the carrier details for each record.

Shipping Rules

Shipping rules allow you to specify: Department, Signature, SMS Notification, Email Notification, Saturday Delivery and Consequential Loss.

Department and Consequential Loss have their own entry boxes, but Signature, Notifications and Guaranteed Saturday Delivery have single letter codes:

S = Signature

E = Email Notification

M = SMS Notification

G = Guaranteed Saturday

E.G. To specify Signature and SMS Notification, use the letters: SM

Electronic Pre Advice

Packing Partner uploads all the fields needed for electronic pre-advice, but you will need to enter details of your HS code and name into Packing Partner's product lookup table .

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