Parcelforce Integration

Parcelforce import and export are features that must be enabled, go to Tools>Features and filter for parcelf.

Uploading shipments

After your shipping rules have selected MyHermes as the carrier or you have used Amend Carrier to choose the carrier manually.

In Parcelforce navigate to the Import and process batch page, then click the Upload Shipment Details menu, under the Carrier button.

Default printing

When you use the Packing Partner upload, you will need to import your labels to Packing Partner, as the default Parcelforce printing window will have been cancelled.

After uploading, the view automatically changes to current shipments. The addresses you have imported are selected, ready to be imported.

Importing labels & Tracking Ids

On the Parcelforce top menu click Shipments>Current Shipments, select the items to import, then click the Download Carrier Labels or Download Tracking Ids menu under the Carrier button.

Tracking Ids
Tracking Ids are extracted from the labels, when they are downloaded, there is no need to download them separately.

Settings for Parcelforce

Parcelforce settings are accessed from Tools>Options>Settings, then type parcelforce into the filter textbox.

Weekend booking in

If you want to book in parcels to Parcelforce over the weekend, when confirming the upload in the dialog, you will need to change the Send Date from the toolbar.