Amazon Invoices

Uploading Amazon Invoices

You can automatically create and upload invoices to your Amazon business customer.

Please follow the steps below to setup this feature.

Amazon invoices is a feature, which needs to be enabled. Click Tools>Features, and filter for amazon.

Before uploading

Setting up the invoice

The invoice template needs a few minutes to setup with your details and VAT number.

Click Tools>Options and select the Invoice section.

Authorize Packing Partner

Create and save credentials to allow Packing Partner access to Amazon MWS,

Uploading invoices

Make sure you have authorised Packing Partner and checked your invoice as described above.

Collect your orders into Packing Partner as normal (this can be by collecting or through Express Collect)

Browse to the Amazon Orders page and click the No invoice uploaded filter.

Select the sales that you want to upload invoices for and click Sales>Upload Sales Invoices.