Channel Advisor

Collecting Sales from Channel Advisor

Packing Partner uses Channel Advisor's invoice template to collect sales. This means that there is some flexibility in what information can be collected.

Setting the Invoice Template

In your ChannelAdvisor account go to Sales>Settings>Sales Templates and choose Original from the list 

For Non UK channels, you will also need to copy the Invoice HTML Template from a UK one .

Paste the HTML code in the box below, into the Line Item HTML Template


<tr bgcolor={{ROWCOLOR}} align=center>

<td image='{{IMAGE(ITEMIMAGEURL1)}}'>{{ITEMSKU}}</td>





<br>Weight: {{ITEMWEIGHT}}

<br>Gift Message: {{ITEMGIFTMESSAGE}}

<br>Gift Level: {{ITEMGIFTWRAPLEVEL}}</td>

<td align=right>{{ITEMPRICE}}</td>

<td align=right>{{ITEMSUBTOTALAMOUNT}}</td></tr>

Variations and attributes

To collect Channel Advisor variations or custom attributes, the invoice template on Channel Advisor needs to be edited, to add the attribute tags from your account.

In the Line Item HTML Template ,insert the <br> Variation... line, with the attribute tags that you use, separated by a single space.


<br>Variation: {{COLOUR}} {{SIZE}}


IOSS Information

To collect IOSS information from Channel Advisor, please add the Private Notes column, to the Orders List Page

Channel Advisor shipping

When updating shipping to Channel Advisor, the carrier name and method in Packing Partner shipping rules , must match an enabled shipping method in ChannelAdvisor.

You can set Shipping Rules in Packing Partner to change the carrier name and method as long as that carrier and class exists, and is enabled in Channel Advisor.

e.g. On Channel Advisor you have added carrier Royal Mail and classes 1st Class and 2nd Class. The carrier name in Packing Partner must be Royal Mail and the method 1st Class or 2nd Class .