eBay Credentials

Collecting Sales From eBay

To collect sales from your eBay account, using the browser or Express Collect, you will need to add the eBay account to your Packing Partner Credentials, from Tools>Credentials .

Multiple PCs
If you have already added these credentials on another pc, you must export the credentials from that PC and import into this PC. Please don't add them again, or you will regenerate the authorisation token, and stop Express from working.

1. Create eBay Credentials

Go to Tools>Credentials

Click Create then choose  eBay API Access

Multiple eBay accounts
You can have multiple eBay accounts in your Credentials

2. Sign in to your eBay account

Enter your login as you normally would for eBay. This window is a secure login, generated by eBay. 

3. Confirm API Access
Once you have successfully logged in, you will be asked to confirm API access

When you press Agree Packing Partner will be able to retrieve order information and other details about your eBay account, so that we can provide various services such as Order Management.

The account will then be successfully saved into the program. You only need to do this again when the token needs renewal, which is usually 18 months.

If you want to revoke this access, you can do so from your eBay account.

Error after sign-in
If you get an error after clicking Sign In , then close the window and try again. This can happen if the window has been open for too long (the session can time out), or there is an issue on the eBay servers


After you have clicked Agree , you will get a success message and you can safely close the window. The account will now be in your Credentials list.

Please make sure you click Save on the Credentials window.