Collecting Sales From Fruugo

To collect from Fruugo, you need to create add your username and password to the Credentials Dialog from Tools>Credentials

Enabling Fruugo
You also need to enable the  Fruugo feature under Channels from Tools>Features

Adding Fruugo credentials

In Packing Partner Click Tools>Credentials, then select Fruugo from the Create button.

The trading name, is the business name from your account and the username and password are the same ones you use to login to Fruugo.

Once you've added your credentials, and enabled the Fruugo feature, you will be able to collect and marks sales despatched.

Collecting sales

The process of changing status to confirmed is automated in Packing Partner. If you collect sales from the Awaiting Confirmation view, in Fruugo, the orders will automatically be moved to Awaiting Shipping.