Conversion Feature

Converting Language & Currency

The conversion feature converts currency and titles in your selected language. Language conversion requires a free Microsoft Azure account.

For exchange rates and translations to work, enable the conversion feature by clicking Tools>Features>Collecting>Conversion

Exchange rates

Where available, the exchange rate will be collected from the channel you are collecting from. When the exchange rate is not available, it will be looked up for the day the sale is collected.

If the exchange rate is not available from the selling channel, the rate looked up, may not be the same as the original sale.


This feature automatically translates foreign (native) language title and variations into your local language.

To use this service you will need to open a Microsoft Azure MarketPlace account and subscribe to translations on it.

For most purposes this should not cost anything as the free service allows up to 2,000,000 characters to be translated each month.

As Packing Partner keeps the translations locally on your PC, each title and variation only needs to be translated once.

Getting an Azure account

Sign up for a Microsoft Azure account at

Click New from the menu on the left, search for Cognitive Services

Click Create and enter the details required, select Translator Text API from the API list

In pricing choose the Free tier, which gives you 2,000,000 characters per month

Packing Partner stores the translations, so you only translate each product once.

In Packing Partner Tools>Credentials enter your Key for the translator service

Click Test Server to check the connection and key are working

You should then be able to collect sales in foreign languages and they will be translated from their native into your local language.

Editing translations

Every title that is collected and translated is held locally by Packing Partner. If a translation is incorrect, it can be corrected by clicking to Tools>Translation. This dialog allows you to edit or add translations for titles that are not correct.

Correcting translations

To correct a translation, make the correction to the local text in the Translated text column.

If the native language has been determined incorrectly, you can Redo the translation manually by clicking the Redo button.

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