Printing Customs Invoices

Commercial Invoices

Customs invoices (commercial invoices) are required when sending international orders with carriers that don't use Electronic Pre Advice for international sales.

Packing Partner can produce automated customs invoices for carriers that are known to need them, or you can select records manually and print invoices for those.

Automated invoices are produced when the record uses a demand label from Parcelforce or DPD that requires a CN22.

Required features
To print Customs documents, requires the Customs and Ship Extras features to be enabled.

Sender details

All sender details are required on the invoice
All the sender details, including a scanned signature must be entered. If any are missing, your parcels may be returned by customs.

Before printing a customs invoice, you must enter the sender details from Tools>Options>Collect>Edit Sender Details

Printing customs invoices

In the records tab, ensure the records you want to print are in the current view and click Print>Customs Invoice. Any printer properties you change before printing will be saved to use each time you print.

Editing customs invoice layout

From the  Layouts Tab you can load and edit the customs invoice layout. Once loaded, the customs invoice can be edited as any other layout.

Some data is required by law
The default customs invoice layout contains the minimum data required by law. If you remove or alter any of them, you parcels may be returned by customs.