Express Collect

Express Collect

Express Collect saves time by collecting sales into our cloud server. They are downloaded automatically, ready for you to process. It also marks sales despatched, in the same way, so you don't have to wait for them to be updated.

Once your have set up Express Collect, your orders are automatically downloaded to the Express Tab, If you have Packing on more than 1 PC, you can choose the accounts that are downloaded to each PC.

1: Subscribe to Express Collect

To subscribe to Express Collect click Tools>Options>Subscribe>Express Collect

The subscription amount is based on how many accounts you use it for. If you have 2 eBay and 1 Amazon shop, you will need to subscribe to 3 accounts.

We provide a discount for the more accounts you wish to use Express Collect for. Choose the number of accounts required from the drop down menu. The total monthly amount with discount is displayed as shown below:

2: Setup the channels used by Express Collect

Once your subscription is active, go to  Tools>Options>Express to enter credentials and setup the accounts that will be downloaded to this PC.

You can increase or decrease the number of accounts at any time, by going to Tools>Subscribe>Express Collect.