Migrating data to a New PC

Moving Packing Data to a New PC

When moving Packing Partner to a new PC, you can copy all the data from the current one, into the new one.

All of your settings, features, credentials and data will be copied to the new PC, allowing you continue where you left off.


Export all the data from Packing Partner to a single file. Then copy this file to the new PC, ready for importing. You can use a memory stick or shared cloud folder to save the file and transfer it to the new PC.

Depending on how long you have been using Packing Partner, the export file can be several megabytes in size.

Memory stick
When using a memory stick to transfer data, it is best to save it to a local disk, then copy it to the memory stick, as that will be a lot faster.


Once you've installed Packing Partner on the new PC, open the program and click Tools>Migrate Data>Import, which will open a file browser to select the previously exported data file.

Packing Partner will copy the file into it's own data folder, then ask you if you want to restart, to complete the import.

Next time Packing Partner starts, it will show the progress of the import on the splash screen.