On Demand Carrier Labels

On Demand Shipping Labels

On demand labels are created by your carrier via their API

Packing Partner makes calls to the carrier's online service (API), where the labels are generated and downloaded. The label is also charged to your account, when it is requested.

On Demand Carrier Labels

Labels can be created in batches directly from Packing Partner, or individually as required, from a packing station. If you want to create labels on demand from a packing station, please contact us to discuss costs and prices.

Label fees
There is a fee for each label that is created, please see our main web site for current label subscription fees.

Royal Mail 2D barcode Labels

For Royal Mail labels, AimCo Software will need to setup the desktop connector on your system. Before you do that, you will need to setup your Click & Drop account to accept the label requests.

Other Carrier Label Credentials

Before you can use on demand API labels, AimCo Software will need to create an online account for you. Then supply you with the API user account name and access token.

In Packing Partner, go to Tools>Credentials and select  API Label from the Create Menu, then complete all the sender details fields.

Amazon Shipping
Please see the details here for how to set up Amazon Shipping.

Creating Carrier API labels

Once your account has been setup and tested, you will need to setup some shipping rules so that Packing Partner can apply the correct carrier to your records. Once your records have the correct label generator applied, in the records tab, you just need to click Carrier>Create Shipping Labels

Confirm before creating

A dialog is displayed where you can confirm that you want to create labels for these records. It will also display some common issues, that may need fixing before you can create your labels.

Packing Partner will then contact the individual carriers you have selected and download the labels from them. Depending on the speed of your internet and how busy the carrier is, this can take up to 3 seconds per label.

Confirm Import

Once all the labels have been created, you will see a confirmation dialog where you can check that all the labels are as expected, before importing.

Cancel import
If you cancel at this stage,  make sure you cancel the labels on your carrier account, as you will have been charged.

Once your labels are imported you can print them onto integrated label paper with your invoice details, or to a thermal label printer.

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