Printing  Overview

Printing Options

Packing Partner provides four main print options, Picking List, Packing List, Postal Record and Invoice or Labels.

The printing process can become a bit more involved when exporting to a carrier as the labels produced by the carrier need to be matched to the parcel, or imported to be printed on your own labels.

Printing is faster and more durable if printed on a laser or dye sublimation printer. Ink-jet printers should never be used for address labels as they are not waterproof.

Print Menu 

Picking List

The Picking List shows all the products that are needed to fulfil your orders, products can be grouped and sorted in an order that suits your picking.

Packing List

The Packing List shows all the orders that need to be fulfilled in a list form that shows the delivery address and products to be packed.

Postal Record

The list shows a manifest for all the parcels that you have fulfilled. It's main use is for stamping and signing at the Post Office as proof of postage .

The Picking list, Packing list and Postal record have options available from Tools>Options>Printing.

Print Layout

Print labels, invoices and or delivery notes on user defined layouts. Layouts are created using the designer under the Layouts Tab . A layout can include all your order details including delivery note, invoice, PPI image and prefilled CN22 form.

Options in the layout designer that allow you to print on sheet labels, single and double sided roll labels, integrated labels and plain paper.

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