Processing Sales

Basic Steps

Records are collected into Packing Partner from your sales channels, using the browser in the Browser Tab. Then they are printed and processed from the Records Tab.

The basic steps for collecting and processing records are shown below.

Step 1

Ensure that from the Tools>Features menu, you have ticked the channels you want to collect from:

Step 2
In the Browser Tab, collect (download) your sales data, from your selling channel into Packing Partner.

In the Browser Tab , navigate to your sales channel order list page, eg. Awaiting Postage in eBay or Manage Orders in Amazon.

Tick the checkboxes of the sales to collect, from the toolbar or right click menu , select Collect records.

Once collected the program will open the Records Tab to print your order details, and process your records.

Step 3
In the Records Tab, Print your picking and packing details

Here you can optionally print your Picking List , Packing List , Postal Record , Labels and/or Invoices . You can also setup the emailing options to automatically send emails to your customers, as your processing progresses.

Once all your printing is complete for the collected records they are marked as printed. If you do no other processing on your records, there is an option to mark the records as shipped.

Step 4
Get shipping labels directly from supported carriers

When the records are collected, Shipping Rules are applied that determine which carrier and method should be used. You also have the option to manually change a carrier or service for one or more records .

There are several options for exporting or uploading data to supported carriers, which is covered in detail under Carrier Integration. Optionally, the labels produced by the carrier can be imported into Packing Partner to be printed onto your own labels. This saves the need to match the label printed by the carrier, to the invoice printed by Packing Partner.

Step 5
Mark records shipped manually or by scanning barcodes

Once the records have been processed they must be marked as shipped. This step must be completed in order to move the records through the system .

This can be done as a batch or by printing a barcode onto the label, and scanning it to confirm it as shipped. When marking shipped you can also import or scan a carrier tracking ID.

You must follow the process of marking records printed then shipped, otherwise the system will slow down as you process more records.

Step 6
Update Sales Channel

Once all your sales have been marked as shipped, their status and any tracking IDs, can be updated back to the sales channel they were collected from.

To update the sales channel, in the Browser Tab , navigate to the page you collected your records from and click the Update button on the toolbar or right click menu .