Mapping Product Codes

Product Codes

Packing Partner has three fields for product codes, named SKU , Code and Location . The codes can be filled with any product codes that are available on your sales channel.

The list of available values will be different for each channel. Some have only have 1 or two product codes.

Mapping product codes to Packing Partner fields

In Packing Partner on the top right menu, click Tools>options>Settings . Scroll down to the section for the channel you collect from, or type that name of the channel in the filter box.

When your records are collected, imported or transferred, the values will show up in the Code , SKU and Location fields in the records tab.

Sorting by product code

If you need to have your orders sorted by product SKU, Code or Location, you can do that manually from the sort menu on the Records Tab.

You can also set two sort orders, that sales will be sorted by when they are collected, from Tools>Options>Collect

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