Main Window

Main Tabs

Packing Partner Interface consists of five main pages accessed through their tab.


The dashboard gives you an overview of your recent sales. The basic version shows sales for each channel for the last 28 days. An advanced version is available as a feature, that can be customised with your own preferences.

Browser Tab

This  is a standard windows browser with normal features expected from a modern browser, including auto-complete, spell check and auto login. See more here.

Records Tab

The records page is where you view and print the records you have collected from your sales channels. See more here.

Orders Tab

The generate page allows you to create sales for telephone and walk-in sales, that can be processed with the other records you have collected online. See more here.

Reports Tab

The reports page is where you can create up to the minute displays of current sales, together with historical product and VAT reports. See more here.

Layouts Tab

This page is where you create the main layout for your printed labels and/or invoices. It allows complete customisation of the printed layout. See more here.

Tools Menu

On the top right of the main Packing Partner window, the tools menu gives access to all global functions and options.


Shows the help page for the tab that is currently active.


Show the options dialog that contains options and settings for the whole program.


Select the features you need to use. The subscription you have with Packing Partner depends on how many features you have selected.


Some automated features such as language and currency conversion, require login credentials, enter them in this dialog.


Add product information from a lookup table, that is not available from your sales channel. See more here.


Edit any stored language conversions that have been stored in the program.


Create scripts in VB for customising Packing Partner.

Support menu

Gives access to Packing Partner supports

Open Forum

Opens the Packing Partner support forum in your default browser.

Send Email

Send support email directly to AimCo software using your default email client.

Remote Connect

Launches your default browser and navigates to our remote support connection page.

Migrate menu

Allows you to migrate Packing Partner data from one PC to another. For more information please see the page on migrating data.



Subscribe menu

Packing Partner

Purchase yearly subscription for Packing Partner.

Express Collect

Subscribe to Express Collect for Packing Partner.


Shows information about Packing Partner, subscription and relevant PC specifications.