Browse Options

The browse options tab allows you to set options that relate to the Browser Tab


Suppress script errors

Many web sites use scripts that produce errors, with this tick box selected, they will be handled silently without any messages.

It can be useful to turn off this option if you are trying to find an error on a web page.

Colour html source

The source code of the web page can be coloured to make it easier to read. For large pages, this can add a few seconds to the time it takes the page to open.

Auto-complete text

The browser can store and offer suggestions of text you have typed into a web page before. This can make repetitive text entry much quicker.

If you find that the browser has stored a lot of unnecessary text, you can edit or delete it using the Edit auto complete button.

Search URL

This is the URL that will be used from either the search textbox or when you search from the address bar. Use the complete URL and include {1} to insert the search term into the URL.

Edit Auto fill

Edit and delete form autofill entries.

Searching from the address bar
If you type words with at least one space into the browser address bar, a search will be performed using the search URL.


Queuing allows you to collect more than one page of orders at a time. Without queuing you would have to navigate to each page of orders and collect them one at a time. With queuing you can move to each page, queue the records and collect them all together.

It doesn't collect records an faster, but it does mean that you don't have to wait for each page to collect.

Next page after queue

After clicking the queue button, the browser will navigate to the next page of orders.

Select all on next page

Once navigated to the next page, all records are automatically selected and queued.


Clear Address URLs

Clears all the URLs that are suggested in the browser address bar.

Clear Cookies

Clears all the Packing Partner browser cookies that are stored on this PC.

Clear History

Clears all the Packing Partner browser pages that are stored on this PC.

Clearing Cache
Try clearing cookies if you are having issues such as pages not recognising that you are logged in.
Try clearing history if you are having issues such as an old version of a web page is loading, rather than an updated one.