Email Template Editor

Creating Email Templates

Create and modify email templates that are sent to your customers. The editor works just like a word-processor, but has fields that are replaced with data from your sales records, when the email is sent.

Email Toolbar


This is the subject that the customer will see in their email client, it can be personalised using placeholder fields.


The name of the sender, either a personal or business name.


The email address of the sender, again either a personal or business email address.


The email address that the recipient will reply to, when they click reply in their email client.

Text only email
Not all recipients of emails will be able to see a formatted email. You should also create a text-only version, using the button on the toolbar.

Toolbar Buttons

Save & Close, Exit, Save

Closes the editor and saves the template.


Preview the template, using the email preview.

Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete

Cut, copy and paste text to and from the editor

Undo, Redo

Undo and redo previous editing actions

Font, Colour, Bold, Italic, Underline

Change the font, colour and font attributes, Note: fonts used on the editing PC may not be available on the recipient computer.


Select the paragraph alignment, indent or bullet style from the drop-down list.


Allows you to insert an HTML table into the text and change it's rows and columns. For full control over tables, you will need to edit the template HTML.

Placeholder field

Insert fields that will be replaced with data from each sales record, when the email is sent to the customer.

For more information, see the list of placeholder fields.

Insert Image, Link, Rule, Background

Insert an image, link or horizontal rule or change the background colour at the current cursor position.

Edit HTML, Plain Text

Edit the HTML of the template or the plain text version of the email.

You should always create a plain text version of the email as some recipients will not be able to see the HTML version.

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