Email Options

The email options allow you to send emails to your customers, for example they can be scheduled to be sent when records are marked printed or shipped.

SMTP Server

Host, User, Pass, Port, Security

You will need to get these settings from your email provider, if you use an email client program, such as Thunderbird, the settings will be the same as you use for that.

Free email providers
Most free email providers, such as gmail and yahoo, do not allow more than a hundred or so emails to be sent at one time. To send more than that, you will need to buy a dedicated email provider.



The real name of the person sending the email


The email address of the person sending the email


The email address that the recipient should reply to



The list of templates available to be used for sending emails, both HTML and plain text versions can be edited using the email editor.


The list of emails to be sent at scheduled times, these can be when marking records as printed or shipped.

They can also be delayed to send follow up emails after a specified number of hours, days or weeks.

Max to send per hour

Some email providers limit the number of emails you can send per hour

Weeks to keep sent emails

To save disc space, emails will be kept for the selected number of weeks, the default is 1.

Exclude Amazon from all sent emails

The email address you get from Amazon is an alias, that is sent via Amazon's email servers.

Amazon don't like you contacting buyers directly, so if you sell on Amazon, it is a good idea to keep this option ticked.


Opens a text editor where you can enter excluded email addresses. These must be a full email address, that cannot contain wildcards.

Test mode

In test mode, all emails are sent to the email address you have specified in the Reply email address. This allows you to test all your emails before sending them to real customers.

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