Express Collect Options

Express Collect Options

Express collect allows your sales to be collected into our cloud server, and automatically downloaded in the background. This is a huge time-saver, especially if you are a large volume seller or different selling channels that you need to log into.

This tab is where you setup the channels that are automatically downloaded by Express Collect, to this PC.


Serial No, Key

This is your Express subscription username and key. When you first subscribe to Express Collect, this will be generated for you and filled in automatically.

Using on other PCs
You can use the same subscription on any PC, but you must take care to only download each account into one PC.


Allows you to subscribe to Express Collect, you can also get to this by choosing Tools>Subscribe>Express Collect


Account credentials on this PC

Add the accounts you want to be collected into the Express Collect server. When a new account is added, Express Collect starts with ready to despatch sales that are up to one hour old.

Account credentials on server

The accounts that are active on Express Collect, if the checkbox is not ticked, the account will not be disabled from collecting. If the account is disabled, when it is next enabled it will collect from the time it was disabled.

Remove account
To remove an account from Express Collect, select the account and click the red cross button.

Accounts downloaded to this PC

Shows the accounts that will be downloaded to this PC, this allows you to download different accounts to different PCs. To download an account on this PC, select it in the right hand list box and click the left arrow button.

Credentials button

Opens the credentials dialog to add or edit channel credentials

Import / Export buttons

Allows you to transfer Express Collect settings between PCs using a file. To transfer Express settings, Export the settings file from the 1st PC, then Import the file on the 2nd.

Exported file
You can transfer the file to the other PC via a network shared folder, cloud folder, memory stick or as an email attachment.