Records Options

Allows you to set options for the Records Tab, where most of the work in Packing Partner is done.


Days to keep recent

Packing Partner keeps all sales records being processed, in a current database. To keep the system efficient, records need to be removed after they are marked shipped. This sets the number of days after they are marked shipped, to keep recent records in the current database.

Show billing address

Shows the billing address as well as the delivery address.

Compact display

Displays records in a more compact view, without using a table to display product details.

Dialog after print

Normally records would be marked as printed, packed then marked as shipped. This dialog allows you to choose how records are marked after you print their label or invoice.

Auto change view

When a view contains no records, this option allows you to decide which view Packing Partner changes to.

Edit filters

Allows you to add predefined filters that are available from the drop-down menu next to the filter box on the Records Tab.

Highlight filter text

When a filter is used, highlights any filtered text in the records


Edit the templates for importing and exporting CSV and XML files. For more information see Importing records and Exporting records .

Only upload collected status records to carriers

When uploading details to Click & Drop, Parcelforce and MyHermes, if unticked, records with Collected and Printed status will be uploaded.

Mark completed when marking shipped

If you don't need to mark sales on your selling channel as despatched, when tick this option will mark records completed when you mark them shipped. 

Return in filter box selects filtered records

Normally, records are filtered when you stop typing. When ticked, pressing Enter (Return) in the filter box, will select the records that are filtered.

Customs Invoice

Print 6x4 format Customs Invoice

Prints a 6x4 Customs Invoice suitable for a thermal printer, instead of the usual A4 format.

Sender Customs Details

Takes you to the sender details dialog, where you can enter the details needed for CN22 forms and customs (commercial) invoices.