Syncing Records Between PCs

Syncing Records Between PCs

When this feature is activated, Archive, status and sales order data is automatically synchronised between PCs that are connected to the Sync Server. The sync server is either a shared network or cloud folder.

Typical use for syncing

A typical scenario would be that orders are collected and processed on one PC. Customer service can be handled from a 2nd PC, which can can see the activity of the 1st PC from the Archive View and on the Sales Channel in the browser. At busy times, the 2nd PC can be used to process orders, either by collecting records on that PC or transferring from the 1st PC.

This is a feature that must be enabled. Go to Tools>Features and filter for Sync. To view records on a PC other than where they were collected, also requires the Archive feature.

Sync Options

Sync options are available in Packing Partner from: Tools>Options>Sync


Enables the sync process between PCs, must be enabled on all synced PCs.

Delete cloud copy files

Some cloud drives, create copies of files on your local drive, this option ensures they are removed as they aren't needed


The name this Packing Partner PC is know by, which must be unique to each PC

Edit Names

Opens a text editor where you can change the names of this and other synced PCs.


The network of cloud folder to be used for syncing the PCs. If you are using a network folder, make sure you can copy a file to it from all synced PCs. Once you have chosen this folder up, Packing Partner will automatically sync the sales records between all PCs.

Syncing Records and Orders

When records are collected or modified on one PC, their status is synced to the other PCs via the sync folder or FTP server.

The status of the record will be shown on each sales channel in the web browser, to see orders that have been collected on one PC from another, you must use the Archive View in the Records Tab.

Local Orders are automatically synced between PCs, when they are created or edited. They can be edited on any synced PC, up to the time that they are transferred to the current records for processing. After they have been transferred for processing they can still be viewed but not edited, on any PC.

To ensure records are not processed more than once, only archive and status information is synced between PCs. To process records on another PC, they must be transferred as described below.

Transferring Records Between PCs

To prevent processing the same record twice, current records are not automatically synchronised between PCs. They can be manually transferred if required from Records>Transfer Out in the Records Tab.

On the source PC

On the Records Tab, select the records to be transferred, then click Records>Transfer Out. A On the next dialog you can choose the destination PC. The records are removed from the Records Tab and saved to the sync folder.

On the destination PC

On the destination PC, the Notification icon will flash, the notification pane will open with an item to transfer Records In. Click Transfer Records In, to complete the transfer.