System Options

The System tab gives access to system files and options.

Take care
Please don't make any changes to the system settings unless you know it is safe to do so.


Data Folder

This is where Packing Partner stores all it's files and data

Amend First Run

Allows you to amend the PC identifier and current invoice number, that would normally be set when you first install Packing Partner.

View Logs

Opens a viewer to see Packing Partner's error reporting logs

Clear Recent

Clears all the records from the recent view. This deletes the data from disc, and cannot be undone.

Clear Cache

Clears the local copy of data downloaded from your sales channel.

To save downloading the same data from sales channels repeatedly, Packing Partner stores it on your PC. If your data changes on your sales channel but stays the same on your records, please clear the cache.

The data is split into three sections, so that you don't have to re download all data when only a part of it has changed.



The folder where Packing Partner stores your backup. This will have sub folders for each day of the week.


Choose a different backup folder. If you have a cloud drive, this is good location for your backup, so you also have an off site backup.

Open Folder

Opens a file explorer at the root of the backup folder

Restore Files

Allows you to find and restore individual files from your backup, for a particular day.