Browser Tab

Browser Tab

Shows the built in internet browser, which you can use as a normal browser. It is also used to select and collect your sales into Packing partner, and to upload despatch details back to the selling channels.

It is also used to upload shipping details and download labels from supported carriers.

Browser Toolbar

Back, Forward

Control navigation back and forwards through the browsing history.


Create, enable, disable and amend Auto-Logins that mean you don't have to type your login each time visit a site that requires a login.


Bookmark pages for quick navigation, and save the tabs that will be opened when Packing Partner is started.

Address Textbox

The address textbox show the address for the currently selected web page. You can type the address of a web page, and press Enter or click the arrow to navigate to the page. Using one or more spaces in the text, will search the web, instead of navigating to a specific page. The Lock button indicates if the page is secure or not. Clicking the button on a secure page will show the security certificate for the page .

Collect Toolbar


Select the sales in the current view that have the chosen status.


Queue for Collecting 

Allows you to move to each page and queue the sales then collect all pages at once. This saves having to repeat the process of Collect, Next Page, Collect, itero .

Collect Sales Records 

Starts the process of collecting the sales from the sales channel and creating sales records in Packing Partner. Once the collect has completed, the Records Tab will open, allowing you to process your records.

Mark Sales Despatched

Once your sales have been marked as shipped in the Records Tab , you can update that shipped status to your selling channel. This will include updating the selling channel with the carrier used and any tracking IDs.


Upload Shipment Details

Upload shipping details directly to a supported carrier.

Download Carrier Labels

Download shipping labels from the supported carrier and add them as a label to the sales record.

Download Carrier IDs

Download tracking Ids from supported carriers and add them to the sales record

Other Buttons


Gives access to other browser functions such as Printing the web page and viewing it's source HTML.

Right Click (Context Menu)

Back, Forward, Refresh

Move Back or Forward in the browsing history or refresh the current page

Select Sales, Queue Sales, Collect Sales, Despatch Sales

These menu items have the same functionality as described above, under Collect Menu.

Direct Action

The direct action menu is designed for when you need to create a label, invoice or send an email to the occasional buyer. It is not an efficient way to process orders on an everyday basis.