Collect Errors

Collect Sales Errors

As Packing Partner collects sales or downloads them from the Express server, it checks that the basic data is correct. If any errors are found a dialog is displayed showing them. Errors are split into two main sections Critical and Fixable.

Critical Errors

These are usually when data is missing data that means Packing Partner cannot process they sale, these sales must be removed as they cannot be processed.

Fixing Errors
Critical errors can be a result of internet problems, but are usually due to a change in the source data, meaning that it is not understood. This usually needs to be fixed in the program.

Fixable Errors

This is when data that may be needed is not present or a setting requires it to be checked before being processed.

Long address

Some carriers have maximum line lengths for addresses, so Packing Partner checks the address line length. You can click the link on the error dialog to edit the address or change the maximum line length by going to Tools>Options>Settings and filtering for long.

Other errors

In the error dialog you can click an error link and choose to ignore the individual error, all errors in this collect or always ignore the error. Choosing always ignore, will change the setting, so that the check is not made on any future collections.

Changing options
The settings for the data checks are controlled by going to Tools>Options>Settings and filtering for check.