Express Tab

Express Collect Tab

To access the records collected by Express Collect, click the Express Tab (next to the Records Tab)

Once you have setup Express Collect, records from the server are downloaded into this tab, ready to be transferred into the Records Tab , to be processed with other records.

In the Express Tab, you can filter and organise your records, before transferring them.

Packing Partner will periodically check the server, to see if you have any orders waiting to download and if any orders you have updated, have been marked as dispatched.

A Status message on the toolbar displays the current status of Express Collect.

The server checks for sales every 10 minutes, so you may see a sale on your account that will take up to 10 minutes to show in Express.

Express Toolbar


Used to filter the records in the express tab, which allows you to selectively transfer sales to the Records Tab


Invert the filter, so that the opposite set of sales are visible to those filtered.


Only shows the sales that have been selected


When sales are in the Ready state, you can transfer them to Records tab for processing.


Before you can transfer orders to Records , you will need to fix any errors


Forces an immediate download of any sales on the server, Orders are periodically checked and downloaded to your PC. If you want to force a check, you can click Download Now


Marks sale as despatched on your account, including any relevant tracking information.
This processing may take some time on the server, so the sales status is changed to updating. It will automatically be changed to Completed , once the server confirms sales have been marked despatched on your account.

Status message

Shows a message with the current status of Express Collect.


Enable automatic downloading of sales to your PC.

View Menu

The view menu shows how many sales have been downloaded by Express Collect, and their status.


When your orders are in Ready state, they have not yet been transferred to Records.


These orders have an error, and you need to either correct them or ignore the errors, before you can Transfer To Records. You can either select the orders with errors and click the Fix errors icon, or you can click Transfer to Records and correct the errors using the window that pops up. This is the same window you would see when you manually collect sales from a platform, that have errors.


Orders that are in the Processing state have been transferred to Records, but have not yet been Marked Shipped on the Records tab.


Orders that are in this state have been Marked Shipped in the Records tab. At this stage, it does not guarantee that these orders have been marked despatched on eBay or Amazon.

To mark the orders despatched on the platform, select the orders (you can select all) and click the Mark Despatched icon.


Orders that have been sent to the server to be dispatched.

All Express

All orders that are currently in the Express database.