Layouts Tab

Layouts Tab

The layouts tab allows you to create your own printed labels and invoices, that can include images and text, together with replaceable frames that can print specified text or images, based on rules you create.

Page Layout

In the page layout pane you define the paper size and margins, and the number of labels

Paper size

The paper size is chosen from a list of those available for the printer used for the printing the layout. The printer used can be changed from the Settings button on the toolbar.

Left, Top margin

The position where the first label starts on a page. For full page invoice layouts, this is usually 0,0.

Label Width, Height

The width and height of each individual label on the sheet.

Labels across, Down

Number of labels across and down the page.

Gap across, Down

The gap between the labels across and down the page.

File Menu

From the file menu you can create new layouts from existing templates and open existing layouts.


Creates a new layout from an existing template. You can choose from several common suppliers of integrated labels and common sheet address label sizes.


Opens a template from the layouts folder. Layouts opened from any other folder are copied to the Layouts folder.


Opens a template from the five most recent templates that have been opened or saved.

Save, Save As

Saves layouts to file. The file name is used to identify the layout in the Records Tab , when printing.

Print Menu

Print options for testing and previewing layouts.


Allows you to set the printer for the layout and change the printer properties. All printer properties are stored, so they are used each time you print using the layout.

Print, Preview

Allows you to see what the layout will look like when printed. You can use dummy data, or select a current record to fill the layout.


Frames are used to place text and images onto the printed page and to replace data from your sales records onto labels and invoices. e.g. a frame containing the field {SaleDate} will print the Sale Date of the record.

Left, Top, Width, Height

Specify the position of the frame on the page, relative to the left and top margins.

Calculating offsets
To make positioning easier, you can enter calculations into the position boxes e.g. to position a 20 mm high box 10 mm from the bottom of the page, enter 297-20-10 and press enter.

Frame Menu


A text frame can contain plain text or fields that are replace by data from records.


Inserts an image such as a company logo, image formats can be PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP or WMF.


The replaceable frame allows you to print different text or images according to rules you set for the frame. More details on replaceable frames.


A specific frame that prints a CN22 customs form on the page.

Page Frame

The page frame will only print one per page, regardless of how many labels you have on the page.

Invoices, Delivery Notes

Provides pre-defined frames that print different types of invoice and delivery note. Invoice and Delivery Note frames are designed to wrap onto additional pages when needed.

Editing Text
To edit the text in the frame, select the frame, then click it again to change to text edit mode. The frame will have a hatched border.

Fields Menu

The fields menu allows you to insert any of the fields that can be used on a layout. Some can be used anywhere and some have special uses, as described below.

Delivery, Customer, Record

These fields can be used anywhere on the layout.


Invoice fields can only be used within an Invoice or Delivery Note frame.


Lists will print a list of products to be picked in the format: 1 x widget


Item fields can only be used with an Invoice or Delivery Note frame.


Prints carrier related data from the sales record.


Insert other data into the layout, the {GrpName} and {GrpTitle} are used when printing in groups .

Edit Menu

Allows basic editing of the selected frame or text, these options are also available by right clicking the selected frame or text


The layout designer uses HTML5 2D elements to control the printing. You can use the option to edit the HTML of the selected frame.

Font Menu

Font, Bold, Italic, Uline, Caps

Sets the font attributes for the selected frame or text.

Left, Centre, Right, Justify

Sets the alignment of the selected frame or text.

Format Menu

The format menu allows you to format frames on the page and allows for frames to be printed on different pages. For more information see Multi-page printing .


Rotates the frame or image about it's centre.

Fit to frame

Fits the text inside the frame to the size of the frame. This is ideal for delivery addresses to ensure the text stays within the label.

Item per label, etc.

The other items on this menu, control multi page printing options. For information on how these function, please see multi-page printing.

Border Menu

Sets the options for borders around frames.

The border menu options only control limited border options. You can achieve more complex borders by editing the html style attribute, from the right click Edit HTML menu.


The type of border to apply to the frame


The width of the border for all sides


Selects the colour of the frame border

Barcode Menu

Prints the contents of a frame as a barcode

Available barcodes

Code 39, Code 128 and QR code are generated as images.

Narrow font and Wide font are code 128 font barcodes.

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