Replaceable Frame

Replaceable Frames

The replaceable frame is used to print different content depending on the data in the sales record being printed.

It can be used for things like printing a different logo for each selling channel, or print instructions for packers, e.g. to highlight 1st class deliveries.

Rules section

The list of rules that are tested from the top down until a match is found. The buttons on the right allow you to order the rules.

Rule evaluation
Rules are evaluated from the top down, once a rule is matched the evaluation stops. Exactly the same as an if...else if...else if... statement.

Compare section


The field that is to be tested. Before comparing, this is replaced with a value from the sales record.


The comparison that is made, which can be a text or numeric comparison.


The text to be compared to the value in field. If the field is numeric, the comparison is numeric.


Sets the mode for the 2nd comparison, which can be NONE, AND or OR.

Insert section

The text, image or style to be applied to the frame, when the rule is matched.


The text to use, which can contain HTML. The attributes of the Frame and Style are used to format the text.


An image to display in the frame, which will be sized to fit the frame. PNG, JPG, BMP or WMF formats can be used. Images can be loaded from file or pasted from the clipboard using the Paste and Browse buttons.


The CSS style to apply to the frame, this can be any CSS3 styles.

Default Rule
You can provide a default rule by testing any field using the contains test against blank text. e.g. [ShipExtra] Contains (Leave Text 1 blank)

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